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Imitation of Christ | Andy Warhol | 1967

Vintage press photograph of Andy Warhol, Fred “Fritzy” Hughes, Taylor Mead, and Patrick Tilden-Close on the set (which could also be described as an abandoned lot) of the 1967 film. An image unknown to us previously, with Hughes holding a microphone while Warhol is behind the camera shooting Mead and Tilden-Close. With date stamps from January 3 and January 7, 1968 on the the verso, along with a reference snippet of the resulting newspaper photo and caption. The website Warholstars notes that all the exterior shots with Mead and Tilden-Close were shot in San Francisco, but the snippet accompanying this shot notes that the location is New York City. Since Warhol was likely not flying his crew around the country, and because the image favors San Francisco, our guess is that the caption is incorrect.

A realistic comedy about a young man called Son (Tilden-Close), silent and moody, who spends much time in his bedroom with the family maid, who feeds him and reads to him from the “Imitatione Christi,” a spiritual guide by fifteenth century Dutch mystic Thomas à Kempris, which also supplies the title of the film. Elsewhere in the family home, the young man’s mother and father lay in bed and argue over Son, trying to analyze what’s wrong with him, admitting their physical attraction toward him, and lamenting over their own sad lives. Intercut into the film are outdoor scenes of Son ambling through the streets of San Francisco with a hobo (Mead).

8 x 10 inches, with brief cropping notations at one margin of the recto. Photograph is lightly rumpled from exposure to humidity, with a couple of corner creases, but still quite presentable. Good to Very Good overall.

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